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Condominium Finacing
Energy Retrofit Financing
Aircraft Financing
Franchise Financing
Vendor Financing
Technology Leasing
Condominium Financing Condominium Financing
Roof replacement
HVAC upgrades
Window and balcony update
Envelope renewal
Prevent large assessments for your condo by financing your upgrades with LiftCaptial...
Residential and Commercial Lending
Seasonal Payment Structures
Private label programs
Flexible Structures
Photo Voltaic, Solar Hot Water, Solar Air, Wind, Lighting retrofit, HVAC upgrades...
Finance and acquisition
Refinancing of existing Aircraft
Engine refits or replacement
LCC Aircraft Finance specializes in both private and corporate aircraft. We provide financing for a wide range of fixed wing jet and rotary aircraft in Canada.
Franchisor Partnerships
Private label Programs
LCC’s Franchise Financing division specializes in all aspects of franchise financing including opening a new franchise, franchisee to franchisee sale and franchise refurbishing.
Private Label
Portfolio Purchase
Exclusive Programs
Private Label Programs, Dedicated Account representation, National Coverage, Portfolio Purchase, Customized Programs...
Software financing
Operating leases
Online application & credit processing
Quickpay system
LiftCapital provides leasing for information technology, communication equipment and software to small, medium and large Canadian businesses...
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